5 best audio tour equipment available today

Beaconmaker's top-ranking audio tour equipment reviews

Even in the year of 2016, hardware powered systems are still powering audio tours around the world.

Audio tour app based solutions are easier to deploy, but museums are still using hardware powered systems for a few key reasons: reliability and familiarity.

If you're looking for the best system to try out at your museum, check out our list of the top-ranking audio tour equipment still available in the market today.

1. acoustiguide Opus+

Marketed as "The new multimedia guiding system for unforgettable visitor experiences.", it is the latest edition to Acoustiguide's family of multimedia guides.

This is one of the more advanced guide system in the market which comes with a back-end Content Management System and a wireless charging cabinet.

Price: $$$$$
Features: Headset, Wireless Charging Cabinet, Back-end content management system, Supports both Audio and Video playback, uses RF technology to activate remote content.

2. Sennheiser guidePORT

Sennheiser is the leader in design and production of consumer and high end headsets. The guidePORT is a complete end to end solution which includes a very comfortable headset, a receiver with number keypad, and charging stations to easily recharge batteries.

Price: $$$$
Features: Headset, Charging Station, Number pad for entering stop number, Announcement software, Statistics software

3. Orpheo Mikro

The Orpheo Mikro is a very light and handy device, comparable to a cell phone. It also has the functionality to start playing tracks at a pre-defined tour start point. Supports multiple languages.

Price: $$$
Features: Headset, 24-slot charging rack, MP3, fireproof and waterproof.

4. Audioconexus IR/RF/RFID guides

Audio guides by Audioconexus is the system to go for if you are looking for a deploy-and-forget solution. They offer a guide system with no cost software and no ongoing licensing fees.

Price: $$$
Features: Headset, 10 unit or 50 unit charging rack, MP3, 10 hours play time

5. Nintendo 3DS

The Lourvre in France worked with Japanese consumer electronics and software company Nintendo to produce an audio guide that is used in the museum itself or at home.

The guide was designed to invoke a deeper appreciation of art by offering 3D models and audio commentaries as you find your way around the museum.

Price: $$$$$
Features: 3D models, interactive menus, unique experience but expensive to replicate at other museums

We're constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions (either hardware or software) to deliver the best possible storytelling experience to museum visitors.

While most museums nowadays have opt for software enabled systems, the reliability and familiarity that a hardware system provides will always be hard to beat!