Beacon-powered Scavenger Hunt at Australian Museum

Engagement in Museums is an increasingly important topic of discussion. Emerging technology, such as beacons and QR codes, offers new ways for visitors to interact and learn from the Museum environment. There are numerous ways a Museum can use technology to enhance the experiences of visitors on- and off-site, the success of which is dependent on the unique characteristics of each Museum. In this post, we address one example used in a recent Beaconmaker deployment: mobile-based scavenger hunts.

Beaconmaker // Australian Museum - Trailblazers

“Information that is presented as true without alternative perspectives discourages the motivation to explore and learn more. Motivated learning is an open process involving uncertainty and the discovery of new possibilities. A fixed presentation of the material thwarts such further exploration.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

Beaconmaker // Australian Museum - Trailblazers

Scavenger hunts, or treasure hunts, are designed to encourage visitors to explore and follow ‘clues’ in a fun, accessible way. It can be used as a playful introduction to bigger ideas, especially for children, to inspire exploration, passion and self-directed learning. The key is finding a balance between creating and facilitating an enjoyable experience while allowing the independent exploration of Museum works and ideas. Activities should capture the key messages of the exhibition without distracting visitors from real opportunities to engage.

Setting up a Museum-wide scavenger hunt? Want to change the message triggered by a beacon? We’ve made it easy for you to manage your content and your deployed beacons with our streamlined content management system (CMS) without coding or developers.

Our platform is dedicated to providing the framework that allows content to take precedence without the technical complexity of:

  • setting up an app compatible with both iOS and Android
  • deploying beacons, and
  • managing ongoing updates

We’ve worked hard to make it easy: our platform is designed to be simple and easy-to-use without compromising on features. And with 24/7 customer support, we’re dedicated to helping you put your plans into action and your app into visitor hands.

Beaconmaker // Australian Museum - Trailblazers

Content managers and engagement officers retain complete control of their content - simply log in to Beaconmaker’s CMS to make changes that are effective immediately. There’s no need to submit a new app or wait for developers to make the changes for you. Your app can be directly customised in just a few clicks.

For context-aware engagement, our app can be powered with beacons: a relatively new proximity-based technology with a great amount of potential in terms of enabling 'seamless engagement’. An alternative technology utilises QR codes, requiring visitors to take a photo of the physical QR code they’ve located. With beacons, being within a defined range is all it requires for your app to mark the stop as 'found’. Not only is this more intuitive, it also enables several other features such as a hot/cold 'radar’ to navigate to clue locations.

Watch our Australian Museum case study video:

Beaconmaker // Australian Museum - Trailblazers Screenshots

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