Beaconmaker: More Than Just A Tour App

Each and every day in the office we learn and grow. We constantly refine our platform and re-evaluate our objectives. And 2 years on, we’ve grown into something a little more. Now, we do more than just build tour apps.

With a unique team of passionate developers and designers working on the platform, we’ve taken basic functionality and taken it further - to also be about smooth user experience, a beautiful interface, versatility and most importantly, content and stories.

Beaconmaker - more than just a tour app

Image ©Beaconmaker

Our website outlines the platform’s key features, but in this post we go one step further to explain this next phase of our platform and the three different avenues that make it up.


More than just a tour app… use technology to change visitors’ Museum experience

Perhaps one of the more common beacon applications of late has been in Museums and Art Galleries. With Australian Museum as one of our earliest clients, we spent a great deal of time learning about the needs of visitors and Museums. Understanding these needs allowed us to frame our early platform in the right context by developing features that were relevant, but still useful in other applications.

One key learning was that Museums generally have permanent exhibitions or several temporary exhibitions. This revealed the potential need for the app’s landing page to be dynamic and easily customisable from the CMS to reflect this.

“Mobile apps should have content that is always fresh and relevant. Promote your content and story with notifications, games and even on-site offers - all easily managed from Beaconmaker’s user-friendly CMS.”

Beaconmaker - SLG Landing Page

Customisable landing screens

City Walks

More than just a tour app… tell visitors a story with places.

Self-guided tours are a great way for visitors to explore a new area or city at their own pace, guided by extensive information in the palm of their hands. The app connects visitors with their physical surroundings in a completely new way, providing opportunities to learn and sparking curiosity.

Beaconmaker’s CMS makes it so easy for anyone to manage existing or add new content. Stops can be added or removed at any time - without affecting existing content.

In November, the app for the annual Sydney Open day was powered by Beaconmaker to not only help participants navigate across the city, but to also deliver important scheduling information and location details throughout the day in the form of push notifications.

Our newest ‘Itinerary’ feature caters especially to city walks. Staff can present suggested curated tours tailored to different visitors while also allowing app users to build their own itinerary of notable stops.

Beaconmaker - Itinerary Feature

Venues & Precincts

More than just a tour app… a personal concierge guide.

At Beaconmaker, we’re passionate about great content. And keeping in mind that not all apps need beacons, we’ve designed our platform to be content-focused to work just as smoothly without beacons.

“Find ways to notify and further engage visitors with notifications, new content, new event launches and more. Beaconmaker makes it easy to keep content dynamic and give visitors reasons to return.”

Venues and precincts often have one-time or ongoing events which can be difficult to communicate to existing and potential visitors. Having a uniquely branded app is an intimate way for venues to interact with consumers and provide them with a central location for ongoing updates and information.

In the standalone 'Events’ tab, visitors are able to see, at a glance, all upcoming events. Content managers also have the flexibility to schedule messages directly from the CMS to promote upcoming or new events. When used well, delivering smartphone push notifications can be a powerful yet unobtrusive way to engage with visitors and enhance experiences.

Beaconmaker - Central Park, Sydney Apple Watch Notification

Central Park, Sydney is an example of a venue powered by Beaconmaker that makes use of events, push notifications as well as self-guided tours. Central Park is a venue that extends beyond the retail space to combine elements of placemaking, art and storytelling - fully utilising all of Beaconmaker’s available features.


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