Beaconmaker x King Street Crawl

King Street Crawl (KSC) is a annual one-day celebration, inspired by SXSW, that transform the pubs, bars, restaurant and shops in Newtown into a long musical crawl. KSC aims to shine a spotlight on the diverse establishments that make up the unique bohemian scene of Newtown.

“If Newtown is the heart of Sydney’s underground music scene, the pubs, bars, restaurants and shops that line King Street and the surrounding roads are what makes it beat.”

King Street Crawl is presented by The Music & Booze Co, with branding by Sindy Sinn and website built by Honey Rogue.

King Street Crawl / iOS App Screenshots

Beaconmaker’s goal for the KSC app was to provide a platform for dynamic user discovery rather than present curated tours.

We approached the app with the mindset of not only designing a platform for the annual event but one that could continue to be used throughout the year as a discovery and bookmarking tool for the diverse pubs, bars, restaurants and shops that line the main streets of Newtown.

The app makes it easier for KSC ‘crawlers’, and Newtown visitors or regulars, to discover, search and bookmark their favourite venues, shops or events. Using the in-built map functionality, users can discover venues nearby.

King Street Crawl / Screenshot 2

Download the “King Street Crawl” app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

For more information, visit the KSC Facebook page and 2015 KSC event page.

KSC x Beaconmaker
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