Beacons guiding visitors at Australian Museum


Earlier this year, Beaconmaker worked with Australian Museum to deploy a Museum-wide app. Australian Museum already have a great collection of tailored mobile apps but with the emerging technology of beacons, saw the opportunity to finally create the Museum-wide app they had in mind.

Currently available for download from the App Store (coming soon to Android), the Australian Museum app offers visitors specially curated self-guided tours and allows interaction with their surroundings in a remarkable new way.  


Visitors receive real-time feedback - based on their proximity to beacons placed around the site, as long as Bluetooth is switched on. They’re notified of the stops and items that are near them so that they can be guided gently through the tour at their own leisurely pace with confidence. 

The app provides visitors with comprehensive information at each stop along the tour, along with a short quiz to test understanding (visitors can opt to save their progress by creating a profile or logging in via Facebook).


Australian Museum wanted to enrich the user experience without compromising on their natural interaction with surroundings. This meant presenting users with just the right amount of information as they needed it and using non-intrusive prompts to guide them along the rest of the tour.

Australian Museum is a great example of how an organisation can integrate emerging technology and use it to redefine, improve or complement the user experience. For more information about Australian Museum’s strategy in deploying beacons, click here.


The Beaconmaker web platform allows content managers to modify and configure their app with ease. 

Beaconmaker’s web platform includes intuitive tools to:

  • upload new or modify existing content
  • add or remove stops
  • monitor on-site beacons (battery status, location etc.)
  • manage location floor plans

In addition, all Beaconmaker subscribers have immediate access to new future features for the platform and app as soon as they are available.

Watch our Australian Museum case study video:

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