Design-focused storytelling with beacons in Central Park

Central Park - Signage and Beacon Deployment_2

Central Park - Signage and Beacon Deployment_1

One of Beaconmaker’s most recent deployments was with Central Park Sydney. Before the app went live (available now on iPhone and Android), Beaconmaker visited Central Park to test and install beacons. 

This deployment was made possible with signages designed by Frost* Urbanite and on-site installation by outdoor media agency SCAFFAD. Prior to deployment, beacons were pre-programmed and labelled in the office to streamline the installation process. Once on-site, installation became as simple as “picking and attaching” beacons to their designated locations. 

Central Park Signage and Beacon Deployment_3

The app offers rich content and information, including self-guided tours, to visitors that wish to explore and learn more about the heritage, architecture and art of the Central Park precinct. Centring around the concept of placemaking, the app reinvents the Central Park Precinct through its focus on developing and strengthening the connection between people and the spaces that they occupy. 


Key factors to be taken into consideration:

  • Beacon positioning (clear line-of-sight to user, not obstructed or contained within a metal enclosure [see Faraday’s Cage], placed at a height that avoids cross-body interference), and
  • Tuning beacon power and frequency for best user experience

Beacon interactions via the Central Park app are supported by the signages (see image below) which serve as visual markers - providing users with context in their surroundings and indicating the key locations for which the app provides additional information.


Once the beacons are deployed on-site, they can easily be managed and tracked from Beaconmaker’s web CMS. The web platform provides intuitive capabilities for:

  • Content and media management - tell stories and engage with users by uploading images, audio or videos for each point of interest
  • Seamless content and app integration - venues simply upload their content and assets while Beaconmaker manages the iOS and Android apps
  • Beacon management - dedicated user interfaces to check beacon battery life and location at a glance

Beaconmaker’s web CMS and apps work with beacons straight from the box - we supply, deploy and maintain pre-configured beacons so that vendors can focus on the important details.


Watch our case study video:

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