Deploying 1000 beacons across Australia in Big W stores | Part 2

Big W - Total Toy Domination 2_4

Beaconmaker previously worked with Big W for ‘The Great Eggscape Treasure Hunt’, deploying beacons in over 180 stores Australia-wide. This year, Beaconmaker worked with Big W in the lead up to the Total Toy Domination 2 campaign to deploy another similar scavenger hunt app.

While the mechanics and elements of the Total Toy Domination 2 app remain the same as the app for Big W’s previous campaign (i.e. gamification, ’scavenger hunt’ and hot/cold radar), the key difference was the content-driven engagement through the storyline. Rather than being the main event or overpowering the campaign, the beacon-powered app was instead designed to complement the campaign’s theme.


Before the official launch of the campaign and app, Beaconmaker on-site visits involved temporarily installing beacons for the purpose of testing the reliability and range of beacon signals with the App. From previous deployments and on-site testing experiences, we found that placing beacons above customers would be more effective that on shelves in minimising interference and thus, helping to further improve the reliability of the hot/cold radar and user experience.

This app was designed to be solely focused on the gamification aspect. Unlike our self-guided tour apps (e.g. Central Park and Sydney Opera House), which focus more on deepening existing and establishing new customer relationships, Big W’s 'scavenger hunt’ style app focuses on one thing - stripping away unnecessary and complex layers to leave a streamlined 'gamified’ user experience. What we enjoyed most about this project was that while it was different to our usual work, we were faced with the unintuitively difficult challenge of focusing on one thing - and making it work well on its own.

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