Powering a Cultural Precinct: A University of Western Australia LWAG+ Case Study

Beaconmaker have worked with several cultural institutions to build a user-oriented platform that utilises technology to connect great content and physical spaces. We’ve always believed that great content is the driving force behind authentic and relevant user engagement. This is particularly important for cultural institutions - which is why our white-label app offers high-level customisation that caters to unique content.

“Art is one of the few remaining places where we can approach [issues] with a level of ambiguity, where we can engage with a spectrum of ideas and emotions.“
Oron Catt

UWA Cultural Precinct is a "living, breathing cultural neighbourhood” fusing art and architecture, nature and learning. The precinct encompasses the University’s commitment to “innovation, nurturing imagination and meeting the creative challenges of the 21st century”.

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery (LWAG+)

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery (LWAG+) is the first gallery in Western Australia to integrate and utilise beacon technology. LWAG+ is one of several distinct galleries and museums in the precinct, home to innovative and diverse exhibitions featuring historical and contemporary art, touring shows, as well as works from The University of Western Australia Art Collection. One unique example is the upcoming exhibition titled DeMonstratable which presents new commissioned work alongside 20 years of artistic, scientific and popular culture responses to the Earmouse - a nude mouse with a human ear growing on its back.

“DeMonstrable is a confronting and challenging exhibition that examines the purpose, ethics and aesthetics behind biological modification.

Through its content and exhibitions, LWAG+ transformed Beaconmaker’s white-label app into an interactive, digital guide, allowing visitors to independently explore and discover art at their own pace but have access to further information at their fingertips. Beaconmaker aims to bridge the gap between the physical and digital space - providing platforms that strengthen and complement the user experience.

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery 2

LWAG+’s app is just one example of how technology can be integrated into museums and galleries in a minimal, non-disruptive way. It has the potential to further engage visitors from abroad and also most importantly local patrons, through the promotion of new events and collections via push notifications (set up and/or scheduled in the Beaconmaker CMS). This keeps precinct apps dynamic, highly relevant and engaging for all visitors.

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery 3

Next time you’re in Perth, be sure to visit the gallery to experience the precinct’s unique cultural offering on-site.

The LWAG+ app is available for download on iOS and Android.

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery - App Screenshots

LWAG+ iPhone app
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