Release Notes: Schedules

Our newest module is Schedules, which turns events apps into personal planners and lets attendees tailor their visit to suit their own unique interests.

Schedules supports integration with your databases, meaning event organisers can save time by importing existing data directly into Beaconmaker’s CMS.

How to enable Schedules

1 — Log in to your Beaconmaker account


2 — Go to Settings > Modules and toggle Schedules to ON

3 — Add places, e.g. Stage 1, to your floor plan


Additional options:

  1. If you want to provide attendees with further detail, create an Event (could be guest speakers, talks etc.) and assign Schedules to it
  2. Assign Schedules to a place or event (if applicable) and add tags to help attendees find related events



What’s the difference between Events and Schedules?

Events are designed to provide more detail about a workshop, performance, talk, event etc. This is where you’ll provide an overview, and upload more media. Schedules are your event’s program - showing where an event will happen, and when. Events and Schedules can exist on their own, or multiple Schedules can be assigned to a single Event (for example, when an artist is performing on several days).

How do attendees build their own schedule using the app?

It’s easy! Simply choose the date/s that you’ll be attending and click the + button next to each item that you want to add to your own schedule. You’ll get a prompt asking if you want a message reminding you when the event is about to begin (optional). To see what you’ve added to your schedule, click the <icon> icon in the top right corner. For a more advanced search, use the filters to only browse specific types of event.

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