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The Finders Keepers (TFK) is Australia’s leading design market featuring over 1000 independent makers each year in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The bi-annual event promotes conscious consumerism and actively supports small, local businesses. TFK creates a nurturing, supportive space for designers to share their stories directly with customers. Their focus on digital storytelling, self-guided tours and content meant that Beaconmaker’s platform was a perfect fit for their needs - especially given the limited time until the event weekend.

Beaconmaker // The Finders Keepers SYDNEY

The ‘The Finders Keepers’ App

The TFK app is designed to showcase independent stalls - connecting potential customers with makers in a unique storytelling way.

With the detailed directory of food, retail and events, visitors used the app, before arriving, to plan ahead by building their own itinerary from favourites. While on-site, visitors used the app to navigate and browse over 200 stalls, search for coffee, food or bars, see the next musical line-up or workshop, or locate a particular stall.

Beaconmaker // The Finders Keepers SYDNEY

We love what TFK has achieved with our platform. They’ve kept their design uncluttered and consistent throughout the app with a single distinctive colour, keeping the focus on content. They’ve fully utilised our newest ‘Featured’ tab - which allows venues to personalise their app’s landing page. Our CMS offers a drag-and-drop arrangement style of different widget options, making it easy to customise and update the page instantly at anytime.

Beaconmaker // The Finders Keepers SYDNEY

The TFK app was also powered with beacons and used geofencing to trigger push notifications. Rather than prompting specific call-to-actions with each push notification, TFK focused on context-aware engagement to guide visitors through the venue (see image below). TFK understood what visitors wanted most from the app: important event details, stall information (particularly important for post-visit experiences) and a virtual map.

Beaconmaker // The Finders Keepers SYDNEY

As always, beacon placement was taken into careful consideration to avoid bombarding visitors with geofenced push notifications or beacon interference but thankfully, given the large area of the venue, this wasn’t a major issue. The number of beacons TFK used corresponded with the key areas that TFK wanted to highlight to visitors i.e. entrance, stage etc.

We’re grateful for all the wonderful feedback we’ve received and seeing the app come to life in such a short period of time. We hope TFK visitors found the first ever app useful on-site and off-site!

For any feedback or enquiries, we’d love to hear from you at!

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