Unleash Your Inner Geek at Oz Comic-Con 2016 (and plan your day with the official app)

Oz Comic-Con, presented by ReedPOP, is the famous pop culture expo with 5 events spanning across Australia each year. This year, Oz Comic-Con switched to Beaconmaker’s platform for a beautiful, branded app catering with unique content catered to each 5 city without compromising on important scheduling features.

Packed with guest speakers, panel talks and autograph sessions, the Oz Comic-Con 2016 app relied heavily upon our new Schedules module for delivering attendees with up-to-date program information. As with most new integrations, Schedules wasn’t without its own challenges (time zones, we’re looking at you) but our engineers and developers, as always, smoothed out the kinks in the crucial moments leading up to the event.

Oz Comic-Con uses Sched to build and manage their events agenda. This means that any event organisers that are also using Sched won’t ever need to retype anything or manually sync changes, because our Schedules module is designed to automatically sync with content changes in your Sched account. Building your app is then even easier because integrating with event content from your Sched account is taken care of in a few clicks.

Oz Comic-Con attendees can use the app to explore, shortlist their favourite exhibitors, build a personal program planner, and even set reminders to let them know when their saved event is about to start.

Key app features include:

  • Schedule (personal program planner)
  • Directory of guests and exhibitors
  • City selector
  • Custom floorplan

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